How Can I Make A Cheap Subwoofer Sound Better?

A high-quality setup of the device is what will help to achieve the excellent sound of a cheap subwoofer without investing in an upgrade.


The huge subwoofer is usually the one that gives us the most problems when placing it in our rooms due to its size and because it is not easy to find the sweet listening point.

Although the ideal is to place it in the front area, next to the left or right speakers, and in the case of a good active subwoofer, such as best powered subwoofers under $ 300, it will be possible to connect additional speakers.

This allows a more flexible configuration of the audio system and therefore more placement options.



Around 80 Hz is recommended, but if we have very small speakers, we should definitely raise this frequency to over 100 or even 150 or 200 Hz. Above 80-100 Hz, the sound becomes directional.

This means we will be able to discern where these frequencies are coming from, so if we place the sub further away from the speakers, we will notice a lag (although this can be corrected) and, above all, a loss of realism, since the mids and highs will seem to come from the same place and the bass is different.

As a consequence we will also have a poor stereo image. By having to take care of the bass of the left and right channels, when we listen to music it will give us the impression that all the low frequencies of both channels come from there, the subwoofer, losing stereo image in the musical reproduction.



Change the equalizer settings. Boost the bass and use the damping function to send more sound to the rear of the car. This leaves the highs and mids ahead and the sub takes over the hard work.

Low frequencies

It is believed that the best way to improve bass is simply to increase it. This reasoning makes sense, but just not the best solution. This will distort and saturate the sound. The solution is to tune the sound like this: set the bass, treble and mid frequencies to the same level. Then lower the volume of the last two and increase the overall volume.